Webinar Replay | Future-Proofing Your CTPAT Ecosystem

On December 8, CT Strategies hosted the Future-Proofing Your CTPAT Ecosystem webinar. The 90-minute discussion focused on strategies supply chain and logistics leaders can implement to cultivate adaptable CTPAT compliance systems for long-term success. 

We’ve seen significant CTPAT & supply chain compliance changes to this year. Global logistics and compliance professionals face the challenge of quickly adapting and getting their teams on board with new processes and procedures. In this webinar, CTPAT & supply chain security experts Shawn Beddows, Ron May, Bradd Skinner and Micheal Ford provided keen insight on strategies that leaders can implement to insure longevity in compliance efforts. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • How to cultivate an ageless internal CTPAT compliance ecosystem for long-term success
  • How to establish multilateral awareness of CTPAT compliance
  • How to use CTPAT compliance to get ahead of the curve in foreign trade programs using mutual recognition
  • The importance of reframing the customs & business relationship dynamic   

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