Authorized Economic Operator

Authorized Economic Operator Programs enhance risk management and collaboration between government and private companies. Strengthening compliance in these customs programs necessitates working within complex statutory and legal frameworks that require specialized expertise in trade facilitation and compliance.

Our team consists of former government and private sector officials who have dedicated their careers to dissecting the complicated world of trade and travel administration. There is no one size fits all solution in the work that we do. We believe that effective solutions are tailored solutions, so we make the business personal.

Risk Management & Targeting​

Resources are often limited in the public sector. Optimizing targeting and risk management allows administrators to make the most out of the technology they have by prioritizing the most alarming threats.

Capacity Building

Capacity building is the act of strengthening an organization’s foundation. Organizational infrastructure, management, and staffing all fall under an organization’s capacity. With over 100 years of experience in strengthening custom capacity in over 30 countries, we expand the efficiency of customs organizations across the globe.

Government Partnerships

Cross-border synchrony and integrated border management allow for efficient communications and time saving clearance processes between customs organizations, government agencies, and private sector stakeholders. Government entities must understand the essential role the private sector plays in harmonization, but more importantly, know how to foster mutually beneficial relationships with companies.

Federal Acquisition

Are you pursuing federal opportunities? CT Strategies is a leading advisor to innovative technology and IT services companies. In a highly competitive federal market, the difference between winning and losing a significant bid can come down to the slimmest of margins in evaluation criteria. Rapidly evolving agency priorities, emerging technologies, and changes in personnel can quickly make reliable customers unfamiliar.

CTPAT Navigator

Leverage our distinguished team of former CTPAT directors and supply chain security specialists to keep your company on top of compliance and pass your validations with ease. CTPAT Navigator offers scalable packages that guarantee trusted guidance to address your specific needs.

CTS Academy

Meet CTPAT training requirements with flexible online courses developed by former CTPAT directors. The courses provide simple step-by-step guidance for members of all levels.

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