Driving Company-Wide CTPAT Awareness

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Managing your CTPAT compliance is a critical responsibility. Ensuring that compliance standards are met can be a time-consuming task, especially when standards affect multiple parts of a business. For most companies, the 12 Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) sections touch numerous departments, so making compliance a team effort is vital. The first step is to ensure that all key employees are aware of CTPAT requirements by having them participate in compliance efforts on a regular basis.

Driving Awareness Through Active Participation

Here are four methods for instilling CTPAT awareness across your company: 

  1. Host a training session for all employees who have direct contact with cargo and security operations.
  1. Create a CTPAT Compliance Committee. This group should be comprised of key representatives from all involved departments of your company, and have the power to make decisions on policies and practices that affect compliance with CTPAT standards.
  1. Create a CTPAT Awareness Program. This program should be tailored to your company’s needs and include key points such as:
    • Why CTPAT participation is important to your company’s success
    • What CTPAT standards mean for you and how they affect each area of your company, including procurement, legal, and logistics
    • How to recognize and report suspicious activity or gaps in company processes. 
    • What the reporting process is, and why it’s important to participate
  1. Lastly, utilize your internal communications system to inform employees of upcoming program changes and requirements.

Supply chain security must be a company-wide effort, and getting employees involved is essential in ensuring everyone understands the importance of CTPAT and its role in supply chain security. If you have any questions about how to get started with your CTPAT awareness program or other aspects of CTPAT compliance, send us a message at ctpat@ct-strategies.com for more information.


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