Business Advisory Services

Leverage decades of experience with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, White House National Security Staff, and other agencies.

Strategic Business Development

Strategic consulting services to assist leading companies navigate the challenging federal market and execute business development strategies.


Federal Opportunity Pursuit

Targeted consulting services to formulate pursuit strategy and deliver proposals which resonate with key stakeholders, from end users to agency executives.​


Strategic Business Development

Achieving consistent success in the federal market can be highly complex without critical insight into customer agency priorities and mission requirements. Even strategies which have been meticulously considered can fail if developments concerning federal business are left to chance.

CT Strategies assists leading technology and IT service companies by providing fundamental consulting services to navigate the challenging federal market and execute business development strategies. We provide tailored client engagements which include:

  • Intelligence on Vital Processes
  • Building Relationships with Key Decision-Makers
  • Developing Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
  • Strategic Communication Plans
  • Deepening Understanding of Missions
  • Proposal Development & Win Themes

Using a combination of extensive technical expertise and deep-rooted relationships, our team works with clients to develop insight into agency requirements, identify and engage with stakeholders, and develop products and services that better meet the needs of customer agencies and end-users.

Federal Opportunity Pursuit

In a highly competitive federal market, success can be determined by slim margins in evaluation criteria. Rapidly evolving agency priorities, emerging technologies, and changes in personnel can quickly make reliable customers unreliable.

CT Strategies provides targeted consulting services to leading technology and service companies which assist in formulating pursuit strategies and delivering proposals which resonate with key stakeholders. Through our integrated and scalable approach, we create competitive advantages for our clients by enabling them to effectively convey their capabilities and address customer difficulty with precision and understanding.

Our scalable Federal Opportunity Pursuit services include:

  • Stakeholder Mapping & Communication Strategies
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Win Theme Development & Identification of Key Differentiators
  • Color Team Reviews
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Program History & Pain Points

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