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The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) Centers of Excellence (CoE) program helps to prepare students for careers in the maritime industry. MARAD understands the importance of inland, coastal mariners, and shore side aspects of maritime, and supports development initiatives across the industry.  

The administration seeks to recognize and support community and technical colleges as well as maritime training centers that prepare students to develop industry skills sets to meet the requirements for the CoE program. MARAD works with the designated institutions to enter into cooperative agreements to advance the recruitment of students and faculty, enhance facilities, award student credit for military service, and assistance in the form of equipment or temporary use of MARAD vessels. 

This  interactive map shows the locations of the designation of the 27 Centers of Excellence for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education.  

MARAD CoE foster progressive workforce advancement activities and explore areas where improvement can be made. MARAD engagement activities include:  

  • Supporting workforce needs at local, state, and regional levels.  
  • Building Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) competencies of local/future workforce to meet local, regional, and national economic interests.  
  • Collaborating with other CoE to execute maritime initiatives  
  • Facilitating the organization of maritime training programs 

MARAD CoE programs serve institutions by broadening awareness while investing in skill development, helping to create career paths as well as advancement opportunities for those already active within the maritime industry.  

In the lead up to the 2022 Port of the Future Conference, the University of Houston is hosting a series of monthly webinars. 

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