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The International Propeller Club’s (ICP) mission focuses on promoting the maritime industry and shaping the future of its workforce through educating legislators and the public on the necessity of waterborne commerce. The Propeller Club of the United States was formed in New York (1927), as a national organization with individual chapters called ports. The club grew rapidly, leading to the development of new ports created across the U.S. As foreign nations wanted to increase trade with the U.S., ports overseas grew in number, and thus the organization became known as the International Propeller Club of the United States. Today the club has over 70 ports around the world.  

A major area of effort for IPC is the Student Port Program. In effort to strengthen the maritime workforce, IPC is completing a long-term strategy to develop and implement chapters at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.  

Student Ports are comprised of students at maritime academies in the U.S. and worldwide. IPC has successfully established Student Ports in the United States Merchant Marine Academy, at the New York State Maritime College, and the State Maritime Academies of Maine, Massachusetts, California, and Texas. IPC provides opportunities and resources that introduce students to real word maritime settings and prepare them for careers in the industry. Students benefit from visits to maritime workstations, access to mentoring and IPC’s network of distinguished professionals for career path advisory.  

The value of the global supply chain has been highlighted now more than ever before, and the International Propeller Club is fostering the next generation of leaders in a vital sector of commerce. The Maritime industry offers a rewarding career involving people at every level of work experience, creating a need and future career path for all professionals. The IPC understands the shortage of workers in the maritime industry thus creating training and creating opportunities for professionals entering the Maritime industry.  

In the lead up to the 2022 Port of the Future Conference, the University of Houston is hosting a series of monthly webinars. 

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