ALERT Workshop | Creating Effective Engagements with CBP

The Alert Workshop is creating effective engagements with CBP through advanced developments encompassing processes and technologies for Customs and Border Protection. 


The Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) Center of Excellence for Awareness and Localization of Explosives Related Threats (ALERT) at Northeastern University has produced a new series of workshops centered on CBP. In an increasingly competitive global economy where security concerns must be addressed, public and private entities must collaborate to share information, invest in infrastructure, and modernize processes to build secure supply chains and support economic prosperity.

Andrew Farrelly, CEO of CT Strategies, has worked to facilitate business-to-CBP relations for several years. He will be speaking at the workshop, presenting on Creating Effective Engagements with CBP to provide insights on successfully orchestrating and managing these public-private connections. The format of the workshop is designed to encourage discussion during presentations. This workshop is a spinoff of the ADSA workshops that have been held to address aviation security issues.

The workshop will cover:  

  1. CBP’s needs for enhanced technologies and processes and methods for informing CBP of emerging technologies 
  2. Methods to speed up engagement and deployment 
  3. Financial incentives for engagement 
  4. Stakeholder perspectives and issues

About ALERT:  

ALERT seeks to conduct transformational research, ALERT seeks to create effective engagements with CBP through the development of advanced technologies and processes for the customs mission.


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