CBP 2020-2025 Strategy

CBP aims to be the most innovative and trusted law enforcement agency in the world by pursuing the following goals over the next five years. CT Strategies looks forward to assisting trade and travel stakeholders in advancing these goals over the next 5 years.

Goal 1: Mission – Protect the American people and facilitate trade and travel

Goal 1 of the Strategy focuses on identifying and confronting illicit activity, enabling safe commercial activity, and expanding the use of biometrics. CBP plans to increase capabilities in data collection, analytics, and intelligence, while strengthening interagency and international partnerships to counter transnational threat networks, disrupt illicit trafficking, and respond to trends in the trade industry.

CBP will implement new targeting, detection, and verification technologies in addition to infrastructure at ports of entry in order to ensure secure and compliant trade and travel. The Strategy emphasizes the importance of implementing and expanding the use of Biometric Entry and Exit technology such as facial recognition to identify travelers, detect fraud, and confirm overstays. The Strategy also focuses on ensuring positive interactions with legitimate travelers and traders by providing technologically advanced systems and processes in addition to increasing public engagement and transparency.

Goal 2: Team – Build a capable and resilient workforce ready for anything

CBP’s Goal 2 emphasizes the importance of recruitment, hiring, and retention, goals the agency plans to achieve by decreasing the time to hire and providing candidates with support, resources, training, and career opportunities. Additionally, CBP hopes to prioritize the unification of all agency components with effective communication and leadership engagement.

Goal 3: Future – Invest in technology and partnerships to confront emerging threats

CBP’s 3rd goal acknowledges the importance of innovative technology, IT tools, and data analytics. CBP plans to implement data analytics to improve threat detection, trade enforcement and compliance, expenditure of resources, and hiring practices, and integrate data across CBP components and partner agencies.

The Strategy states that CBP will modernize its IT infrastructure using cloud technologies, expand its usage of data analytics tools, machine learning algorithms, and biometrics, while remaining compliant with privacy and transparency regulations. Finally, CBP aims to expand international partnerships and strategic alliances through information-sharing, training, joint and integrated operations, and stability strategies. CBP plans to increase its engagement with the U.S. Intelligence Community, partner nations, agencies, trade groups, and industries.

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