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Advancing Efficient Trade and Travel Through Partnerships and Collaboration

Our Company

CT Strategies provides strategic services to clients seeking innovative insight, advisory services, and technology applications to address border management, supply chain, and port operations challenges in the U.S. and around the world. The CT Strategies team understands the interconnected security and economic needs of the public and private sector as passengers, cargo, and conveyances move throughout the world.

For more information, contact us at info@ct-strategies.com or (202) 629-5199

Values Statement

CT Strategies values the ability for foreign businesses and citizens to responsibly trade with and safely travel to the United States in order to enrich our great nation’s economy and cultural diversity. We believe that border management resources should be prioritized toward innovative solutions that build efficiencies in facilitating more expedient, secure trade and travel. We support the strengthening of partnerships and cooperation between nations to achieve these goals in the interest of mutual prosperity.

While we recognize and support the need for sovereign nations to maintain secure borders, we believe that policies should be made in the interest of advancing trade and travel. Policies taken to restrict international trade or travel should only be enacted by a government when credible threats are presented to the physical or economic health and safety of its citizens.

Our Services

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