Allen Gina Speaks at Center for International Private Enterprise Event on Trade and Domestic Resource Mobilization

On December 5th, the Center for International Private Enterprise held a panel on Customs, Trade Facilitation Reforms, and Domestic Resource Mobilization. Prior to the panel, Linda Wilcox-Daugherty, a Senior Customs Specialist, presented a white paper produced by USAID that detailed recommendations for Customs reform and modernization to promote compliance, reduce inefficiencies, and increase the volume of trade.

Panelists included CT Strategies’ Allen Gina; John Yates, Global Practice Lead, Public Financial Management, DAI; Victoria Waite, Principal Associate and Trade Lead, Nathan Associates; and Maria Luisa Boyce, Vice President for International Policy, UPS Global Public Affairs.

Mr. Gina spoke about the complexity of the global supply chain and the role Customs officers play in enabling trade. He asserted that countries must recognize the value of Customs officials and provide them with enough authority to work effectively. Additionally, he emphasized that individual Customs officers should be educated to understand their significant role in both national security and economic prosperity.

Other themes addressed during the panel included the exchange of information and coordination between domestic tax authorities and customs authorities; the need to strengthen public-private partnerships and build mutual understanding between stakeholders; and the importance of designing adaptable policy that meet the demands of the 21st century business environment.


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