Andrew Farrelly Talks Customs and Port Automation at IV Hemispheric Conference in Panama City

The IV Hemispheric Conference on Competitiveness, Innovation, and Logistics was held in Panama City, Panama, from April 1 to April 3, 2019. It was organized by the Panama Maritime Authority and the Organization of American States (OAS). The conference provides government and industry an opportunity to discuss comprehensive port management, regional connectivity, multimodal logistics, automation … Read more

CT Strategies Provides ‘DHS 101’ Workshop for Students at Washington English Center

On August 7th, CT Strategies’ Partners, Allen Gina and Andrew Farrelly, presented a ‘DHS 101’ workshop for students at the Washington English Center (WEC) in Washington DC. About 20 students, who have relocated from all over the world to Washington DC and are learning English at the WEC, heard Mr. Gina and Farrelly present a … Read more

CT Strategies Showcases Emerging Technology, Provides Keynote Remarks at WCO IT Conference in Lima

The World Customs Organization (WCO) Information Technology Conference was held in Lima, Peru from June 6th-8th. The conference is an opportunity for the 182 WCO members to gather and discuss information technology issues affecting Customs administrations today. The series of conferences, which began in 2002, has been lauded as a success by Customs officials who are … Read more

CT Strategies’ Andrew Farrelly Participates as Moderator at the 6th World Customs Organization Technology and Innovation Forum in Tokyo, Japan

The 6th World Customs Organization (WCO) Technology & Innovation Forum, organized in cooperation with the Japanese Customs Administration, was held in Tokyo, Japan from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November 2017. Approximately 500 participants attended, representing: border management and other government agencies from around the world, as well as technology providers, research … Read more

Andrew Farrelly Discusses the Importance of Information-Sharing with Foreign Partners to U.S. Border Security in Opinion Piece for The Hill

While drawing upon his experience in passenger targeting as a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official, Farrelly critiques how President Trump is not placing enough emphasis on maintaining foreign partnerships to continue facilitating the intelligence and data sharing that is crucial to securing U.S. borders. Fortunately, there are many highly capable officials at … Read more

Andrew Farrelly Participates in World Customs Organization’s Annual Council Sessions

From July 6th-8th the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) held its 129th/130th Annual Council Session in Brussels, Belgium. Customs authorities from across the world discussed multiple topics including: the WCO Mercator Programme, the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement, data and intelligence sharing, combating illicit financial flows, customs-tax cooperation, and capacity building. Mr. Farrelly attended as … Read more

Andrew Farrelly Attends World Customs Organization 2017 IT Conference & Exhibition

Andrew Farrelly attended the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) IT Conference & Exhibition held from June 7 to June 9 in Tbilisi, Georgia. More than 550 delegates from 80 countries attended the event. At the conference, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya announced the source code of the WCO Customs Targeting System (CTS) will be made publicly … Read more

Andrew Farrelly Discusses Biometric Screening at Airport Checkpoints with The Voyage Report

Over the past year there has been an expanded use of biometric passenger screening tools by private airlines, airports, and Department of Homeland Security agencies aimed at making the air travel process more secure and efficient. One of the latest is an effort by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to evaluate the use fingerprint scanners … Read more

Andrew Farrelly Presents to World Customs Organization

While attending annual WCO Council Sessions in Brussels, CT Strategies Partner, Andrew Farrelly, was invited to present to the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG). Backed by his years of experience at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) developing and implementing key components of the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards, Mr. Farrelly provided insights on … Read more

CT Strategies Co-Founder, Andrew Farrelly, authors article for ‘Homeland Security Today’, on “The Importance Of Data Sharing In The Global Fight Against Terrorism”

As challenges in monitoring the movement of high-risk individuals in the air environment persist, security agencies around the world are recognizing the importance of sharing air passenger data in an effort to monitor the movement of wanted individuals and potential terrorists and to combat the flow of foreign fighters traveling from their home countries to … Read more