Andrew Farrelly Talks Customs and Port Automation at IV Hemispheric Conference in Panama City

Andrew speaks at IV Hemispheric Conference on Competitiveness, Innovation, and Logistics
Andrew speaks at IV Hemispheric Conference on Competitiveness, Innovation, and Logistics

The IV Hemispheric Conference on Competitiveness, Innovation, and Logistics was held in Panama City, Panama, from April 1 to April 3, 2019. It was organized by the Panama Maritime Authority and the Organization of American States (OAS). The conference provides government and industry an opportunity to discuss comprehensive port management, regional connectivity, multimodal logistics, automation and digitization of ports, and emerging smart port technology. This year’s conference was titled “Technology at the Service of the Value Chain”.

Across two days, notable speakers discussed emerging trends, risks, and opportunities related to global trade, value chains, and regional impact to American states. CT Strategies’ Andrew Farrelly was invited to provide a Customs and government perspective on the impact of automation and digitization across port systems. He was joined by Pascal Ollivier, President of Maritime Street, and Krista Lucenti, Economist with the Inter-American Development Bank.

Other speakers included, Eddie Tapiero, an Economist with the Panama Canal Authority, who discussed the impact of the globally expanding trade environment and the resulting changes occurring across logistics and supply chains. He was followed by a series of panels moderated and staffed by notable government and industry professionals. The panels were:

  • Comprehensive Port Management – Innovation, Logistics and Competitiveness:
  • Regional Connectivity as Economic Impulse
  • Smart Ports and Technological Innovation

Day 2 was opened by Miguel Garin Alemany, International Development Director of the ValenciaPort Foundation, who discusses the strategic advantages of competitive logistics. The panels following his speech include:

  • Multimodal transport: Challenges and Opportunities in the Supply Chain
  • Automation and Digitization in Ports
  • Panama’s 2020-2040 Port and Maritime Strategic Development Plan
  • Green Ports: Successful Practices in Efficient Environment Protection
  • Greener, More Efficient Ports with Physics-Based Digital Tools

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