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Allen Gina

Mr. Allen Gina is a Co-Founder of CT Strategies which provides strategic services to clients seeking current and innovative insight into border management and supply chain challenges in the U.S. and around the world.


Assistant Commissioner, Office of International Trade

Led the most extensive trade transformation initiative in CBP’s history. Directed the creation of trade processes that are consistent and harmonized across operations at all ports of entry so that U.S. importers and exporters can operate in an environment defined by predictability and uniformity. Bore overall responsibility for the processing of $2.4 trillion in trade across 329 ports of entry and the processing of 28 million commercial shipments arriving in air and maritime cargo and 250 million more arriving in parcels via express carriers and mail.

Assistant Commissioner, Office of International Affairs

As Assistant Commissioner, Al was responsible for coordinating and supporting CBP’s foreign initiatives, programs and activities. He was responsible for developing and implementing programs and initiatives that promote anti-terrorism, global border security, non-proliferation, export controls, immigration and capacity building. He also helped establish international agreements and joint efforts that both facilitate and secure legitimate trade. 

Deputy and (A) Assistant Commissioner, Intelligence and Operations Coordination

Mr. Gina was  selected to lead the management transition office tasked with establishing the Office of Intelligence and Operations Coordination (OIOC). Based on his success in bringing disparate parts of the organization together, he was named as OIOC’s first permanent Deputy Assistant Commissioner, and later its Acting Assistant Commissioner. Under Mr. Gina’s leadership, the OIOC built a Continuity of Operation capability to allow for the continuation of CBP mission-essential functions and prompt resumption of business operations in the event of a major crisis. 


Building a Competitive U.S. – Mexico Border

Mr. Gina speaks about ports of the future at the 5th Annual Building a Competitive U.S. – Mexico Border Conference at the Wilson Center.
El Sr. Gina habla sobre los puertos del futuro en la Quinta Conferencia Anual de una Frontera Competitiva de E.E.U.U.-Mexico en el Wilson Center.

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