CTPAT Compliance

Routine compliance audits mitigate the risk of noncompliance, while providing updated benchmarks for assessing the security of your supply chain.

Proactively identify and resolve internal and third party vulnerabilities.

Ensure your company is implementing policies that meet the CTPAT standards CBP’s Supply Chain Security Specialist will look for during validation.

Ensure that your mandatory risk assessment reflects the most current elements of the MSC while identifying and mitigating risks in your supply chain.

CTS will simplify your CTAPT business partner obligations to save you time and administrative resources and maintain compliance.

Ensure that all documentation is up to date and your security profile is fully compliant with the CTPAT MSC.

Yearly workforce education is a CTPAT requirement. We make it easy with free access to our CTS Academy included in all CTPAT Navigator service packages. In addition to a yearly training update option, access our New Minimum Security Criteria course, developed by our team of CTPAT experts.

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