CTPAT Certification

CTPAT Certification elevates brand equity and supply chain security practices.

Confidently apply for first time certification with comprehensive evaluation and step by step guidance to CTPAT Compliance.

Ensure your company is implementing strong policies and procedures that meet CTPAT standards and distinguish your company as a strong candidate for the program.

Avoid common mistakes and understand the nuances of the security profile specific to your operation. We’ll help you develop a strong, comprehensive security profile that will serve as a foundation for decades of your company’s membership in the program.

Increase supply chain visibility by identifying and addressing risks in your business partners’ supply chains. We’ll ensure you meet all CTPAT Business Partner requirements.

Position your operation to exceed certification standards. CTS experts will guide you through this critical element of CTPAT, to identify and mitigate risks in your supply chain.

Get your workforce up to speed on CTPAT Validations and what involvement means for day-to-day operations with an introductory course.

Equip account managers with critical knowledge about navigating CBP’s CTPAT portal and optimizing its use to keep your company in good standing.

Our team will document the data and insights collected during our engagement and provide actionable recommendations for maintaining CTPAT membership and leveraging it to gain a real-world edge on the competition.

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