Trade Goes On: Preserving Supply Chains During COVID-19

On Wednesday, President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to restrict non-essential travel, closing off the world’s longest border. This effort will bring tourism to a halt but will limit economic damage by allowing essential workers and trade to flow across the border.  By continuing to facilitate trade, leaders ensure that essential goods such as medicine … Read more

COVID-19: Economic Implications for Travel and Trade

As of March 7, over 70 countries have confirmed cases of COVID-19, a respiratory coronavirus that originated in China in December. Since the initial outbreak, there have been 101,583 confirmed cases and 3,460 deaths. The U.S. alone has reported over 250 cases. The coronavirus and corresponding containment efforts have led to decreased demand within the … Read more

CT Strategies Supports San Miguel School’s 8th Annual Scholarship Benefit Gala

On Saturday, February 8, the CT Strategies team attended San Miguel School’s 8th Annual Scholarship Benefit Gala in Bethesda, MD. San Miguel School is a boys’ middle school in Washington DC that aims to “transform lives and break the cycle of poverty through education.” About 90 percent of students attending the school live at or below the federal poverty level, and many of them are the first … Read more

CBP’s E-Commerce Pilot Explained

What is e-Commerce? The exponential growth of e-commerce, or “high-volume, low-value shipments purchased via electronic means,” has engendered a shift from large container shipments to a high volume of smaller, low-value packages. As the number of small shipments grows increasingly high, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) faces new inspection challenges. Additionally, many new e-commerce … Read more

Congress Introduces FASTER Act

On May 18, 2017, Representative Peter DeFazio introduced the “Funding for Aviation Screeners and Threat Elimination Restoration (FASTER) Act”. The act would repeal subsection (i) of 49 U.S.C. 44940, which takes portions of passenger fees collected and deposits them into the general fund of the treasury. Lawmakers who back the FASTER Act argue that repealing this subsection … Read more

CT Strategies’ Allen Gina, Speaks at Panama Logistics Summit on the Importance of Public-Private Partnerships

On March 11th, Allen Gina joined Senior Executives from major international shipping companies, officials from the Panama Canal, and members of the BASC Organization at the ‘2016 Panama Logistics Summit’. His remarks focused on how to improve national security and economic prosperity through enhanced supply chain security and efficiency. By coordinating to create customs compliance … Read more