Risk Assessments & Supply Chain Security Compliance | CTPAT, PIP & AEO

CTPAT Navigator Free Webinar Series

This provides valuable insights and practical strategies for organizations looking to enhance their risk assessment practices in the complex field of supply chain security. 

Understanding Risk Assessment

  • Introduction and explanation of the context surrounding risk assessments
  • Discover the importance of risk assessment in identifying and mitigating potential risks to your organization
  • Learn what key components should be included in a comprehensive risk assessment 
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Risk Assessment

What makes a Risk Assessment effective

  • How CTPAT Members can leverage the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and other sources to improve risk assessment
  • Improving Engagement through Risk Assessment
  • Understand why engagement plays a crucial role in successful risk assessments
  • Learn effective strategies for improving engagement in the risk assessment process
  • Discover best practices and tips for enhancing engagement among stakeholders

Harmonizing Supply Chain Security Programs

  • Explore risk assessment from the AEO perspective
  • Gain an overview of risk assessment for key programs such as CTPAT, PIP, and AEO, and their significance in supply chain security
  • Understand the challenges and benefits of harmonizing these programs to streamline security measures

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Engage in a discussion about common mistakes made during risk assessments
  • Receive valuable tips and advice on how to avoid these mistakes to ensure accurate and effective risk assessment result

This webinar is best for: 

    • CTPAT/Trade Compliance Directors
    • Logistics Management Professionals
    • Supply Chain Management Professionals
    • Corporate Security Professionals
    • Customs Brokers

About Us

The CT Strategies team of former CBP CTPAT Supply Chain Security Specialists (SCSS) and Directors help companies successfully navigate CBP’s CTPAT program. Using insights from over 80 years of combined CBP operational and policy knowledge, we leverage our first-hand CTPAT supply chain security experience and connections to current CBP leadership, so you can save time and money and get the most out of your CTPAT membership.

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