CT Strategies Future Trade Leader Fellow 2021 Spotlight 

Quote from Jasmine Taylor

This summer, CT Strategies welcomed Jasmine Taylor as the organization’s pioneering Future Trade Leader FellowJasmine interned on the Business Development and Global Services team, gaining firsthand experience working with clients and furthering business engagement initiatives. In her final days interning with the team she shares her thoughts on the FTLF experience, providing insight for FTLF to follow:

Interviewed by: Ama Essiomley


Q: What is your take on what it means to be a minority in the trade/international development field?   


Being a minority in trade/international development not only means being a racial/ethnic or age minority but also a person who may lack the proper experience or knowledge regarding international trade and development. Typically, these people need more learning or hands-on experiences to understand the realm of international development fully. With practice, becoming more educated on the topic becomes second-nature knowledge and easier to navigate. 


Q: What are your aspirations for your career and/or the future of trade? 


My career aspirations include working at the United Nations or World Bank, where I will help developing countries access economic resources (trade, investments, programming, etc.) to alleviate financial burdens or strains. Additionally, my goal is to ease supply chain congestion through economic policies. Also, I hope to work at the World Trade Organization (WTO) one day to help oversee customs and trade facilitation programs worldwide. 


Q: What are three takeaways that you’ve gained from this experience? 


  • The importance of Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technology for both security and facilitation

  • Formulating proposals for the World Bank and other international organizations 

  • Creating slide decks related to air cargo regimes (AVSEC/ICAO) 


Q: Has your outlook on international trade shifted since joining the FTLF program? 


My outlook on international trade has not shifted much. Still, I gained insight into reoccurring issues like supply chain management, the importance of AEO programs, and the Department of Homeland Security’s standards regarding trade in the United States. For future reference, I would love to learn more about international trade organizations (WTO or other regimes) and how current situations (ex: inflation, supply chain disruptions, etc.) continuously impact international trade. Also, diving deeper into the World Customs Organization could provide better insight into how countries abide by and/or comply with international trade laws and regulations.  


Q: What advice would you give to incoming Future Trade Leader Fellows? 


Some advice I would give incoming Future Trade Leader Fellows includes being flexible and eager to learn new material. Also, ask to join meetings on topics that interest you and ask questions if action items are unclear. Additionally, make sure to be engaged in the meetings. 


Q: What’s next for Jasmine Taylor? What are you looking forward to in the near future? 


I will be attending Graduate School at the end of August. I will be studying International Relations with concentrations in International Business, Finance, and Trade. I am very excited to start my Master of Arts Program and cannot wait to see what the future holds!


As a leader in international trade and travel facilitation, CT Strategies seeks to invest in the diversification of the industry through education and professional development. Inclusivity is instrumental to building equitable societies, so our mission lies in exposing underrepresented communities to opportunities in the international development and trade facilitation industry.

The application for the 2022 Future Trade Leader Fellowship Program is open until October 5th, 2022. We encourage applications from groups historically underrepresented in international trade and those with financial need. 

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