Association of Women in International Trade Holds Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

On March 5, 2020, CT Strategies attended the Association of Women in International Trade’s (WIIT) annual International Women’s Day Reception at the Embassy of New Zealand.

The reception opened with remarks from Ambassador Rosemary Banks, New Zealand’s first female ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Banks outlined New Zealand’s efforts to promote women’s economic development and equal distribution of the benefits of trade through the Trade for All agenda. The agenda seeks to ensure that trade policy benefits all New Zealanders and addresses global environmental issues and labor standards.

In November of 2019, the Trade for All Advisory Board released a report that recommended New Zealand seek provisions in trade agreements that advance the economic, social, and environmental interests of women, and to involve the Ministry for Women in trade policy development. Additionally, the report recommended that the government provide support for women involved in international business, improve women’s access to procurement opportunities, and increase the participation rate of women in government-led business delegations.

The Ambassador then introduced Minister Tracey Martin, who outlined the challenges women face in obtaining senior leadership roles in politics and argued that our perception of leadership must expand to include female leadership styles.

Read more about our engagement with WIIT in support of women in the field of international trade at

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