Women in International Trade

CT Strategies is a proud supporter of women in trade, primarily through its work and collaboration with the Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT).


Happy Hour with the President

On August 22, 2018, CT Strategies hosted WIIT for a Happy Hour with the President. Participants were able to connect with members of the trade industry. Some speakers included WIIT President, Lisa Schroeter, and CT Strategies Co-Founder and President, Allen Gina.

Career Advice with Paula Brand

CT Strategies hosted WIIT's brown-bag career talk with Paula Brand, career coach and LinkedIn expert, entitled "Leveraging LinkedIn: Managing Your LinkedIn Profile for Career Growth and Visibility" on June 20, 2019. Brand spoke about the best practices for enhancing your visibility on LinkedIn, increasing your chances of being found for the right opportunities, and developing your brand using keywords.

Career Advice with Karen Chopra

On April 19, 2019, CT Strategies hosted expert career counselor Karen James Chopra for a discussion on the sensitive but always-relevant topic of salary negotiations. This was Karen’s second career talk with WIIT. Her first talk,‘Taking Charge of Your Career: From Internship to C-Suite’, received great feedback with members requesting additional career advice panels with Karen. The key take-away was that one must be cognizant of harnessing leverage peaks during salary negotiations to secure a salary package that one desires. This event was also attended by members of the Government Affairs Industry Network and the Women's Foreign Policy Group.

Speed Networking

CT Strategies was the host to WIIT's speed networking event on October 24th, 2018, which allowed those newer to trade to connect with more senior-level women in the trade space.

Group Mentoring Event

CT Strategies and WIIT held a group mentoring event on September 10, 2019. Participants discussed how to advance in international trade opportunities, switch from industry to government,and vice-versa, and shared how they navigated career transitions.

WITT's group mentoring provides a unique opportunity to benefit from mutual knowledge concerning career questions.

Webinar Interview - Women in trade: A global perspective on where we are and how to get to equality

On April 24, 2018, three CT Strategies team members served on a panel with the umbrella organization for WIIT, the Organization for Women in International Trade (OWIT). They discussed the importance of equal representation within the trade industry, the state of diversity in the trade and customs sectors, how senior female leadership can elevate female employees, the role of male leadership in achieving workplace equality, and how women can elevate themselves and each other in the workplace.

Thank you

CT Strategies would like to thank the following women for their efforts and collaboration in supporting women in trade:

Alma Alfaro – Nastasia Bassili – Luisella Basso – Katherine Bedard – Christa Brzozowski –  Karen James Chopra – Maya Cotton – Cindy Covall – Andrea Durkin – Laura Escalante – Christine Gina – Carlene Hastings – Moushami Joshi – Lindsey Klassen – Maria Luisa O’Connell – Carmen Perez – Nicole Quiroga – Kelley Sanabria – Lisa Schaeffer – Lisa Schroeter – Amy Strauss – Evelyn Suarez – Kristen Wilcer – Susan Zimmerman

Want to Collaborate?

CT Strategies welcomes partnership opportunities to support women in trade.

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