Gordon Wright

Mr. Gordon Wright is a highly experienced professional with over 40 years of expertise in border agencies, international transport associations (IRU & IATA), and DHL Express. Throughout his career, he has been a lead negotiator on cross-border security, customs regulations and procedures, cargo and mail supply chains, and international trade.

Distinguished Service

Vice President Customs and Regulatory Affairs, DHL Express

Head, Cargo Border Management, International Air Transport Association

Senior Policy Manager, European Commission

Head of Customs Security and Transit Matters, International Road Transport Union (on loan from UK Customs)

Mr. Gordon Wright has extensive experience in customs law, administration, and logistics. His background includes serving as a senior policy advisor in Africa and the Southeast Asia, where he worked on capacity-building projects in a leadership and advisory capacity on behalf of prominent organizations such as the UK Department for International Development, World Customs Organization, Asian Development Bank, and the European Commission. His role involved providing guidance and expertise in developing policies and strategies to enhance trade facilitation and border security.

Mr. Wright’s impressive career also includes senior positions at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the European Commission, and the International Road Transport Union (IRU), where he served as Head of Customs Security and Transit Matters. He has also worked with the South Africa Revenue Service, the UK Border Force, and HM Revenue and Customs.

In recent years, Mr. Wright has taken on a leadership and advocacy role in EU/US international supply chain security and trade facilitation issues. He has been at the forefront of promoting efficient and secure supply chains between the European Union and the United States, contributing to the development of policies and initiatives that streamline trade processes while ensuring the highest standards of security.

Throughout his career, Mr. Gordon Wright has demonstrated his ability to navigate complex international regulations and procedures, forge effective partnerships between government agencies and private sector stakeholders, and provide strategic guidance on border security and trade facilitation.

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