David Burnell

David Burnell is an accomplished professional and entrepreneur. He has served at the executive level for small and large multi-billion-dollar supply chain companies and successfully founded and sold two companies.

Previous Positions

President & CEO, eSun Global Consultants LLC

Assistant Branch Chief of the Certified Cargo Screening Program(CCSP), and Head of US Postal Air Cargo Security Program

Vice President, Global Ware Solutions

CEO, Focus International Logistix

Vice President, Domestic Operations, Panalpina

Mr. Burnell is the President & CEO of eSun Global Consultants LLC. Founded in 2013, the firm offers expertise in mergers, acquisitions, and all aspects of supply chain operations. Heis also a subject matter expert in counter terrorism, and regulatory compliance related to Homeland Security, and Transportation Cargo Security.

In 2008, Mr. Burnell was recruited by the federal government to join the Transportation Security Administration to assist with the worldwide implementation of protocols related to National Security within the global supply chain. In this capacity, Mr. Burnell was responsible for the western region from the Mississippi River to Guam and Saipan. He implemented new programs, including the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). He conducted industry outreach, managed personnel and collaborated with technological professionals and other divisions within the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Burnell acted as Vice President at Global Ware Solutions, a company that focuses on digital and physical supply chain sales, marketing, and operations. Previously, Mr. Burnell founded the company Focus International Logistix. In addition to developing business plans, he developed and implemented high-end supply chain solutions, including forwarding, truck brokerage, reverse logistics, and 3PL/distribution & fulfillment services.

Mr. Burnell is a passionate advocate for various social causes. Mr. Burnell co-created a haunted events company, Monster Magic, Inc., with its sole purpose of donating all proceeds to charity. He established a marathon running event on behalf of Shriners Children’s Hospital, in Springfield, Ma. He is a consistent and active contributor to Wounded Warrior Project, Australia Zoo, Sea Shepherd, and Save the Manatee Club. Mr. Burnell also founded, and is the President of Innovation Reef & Wildlife Conservancy, a public charity designed to scientifically combat reef degradation, habitat degradation, invasive species, and assist in education to create impactful programs for those who are in need.

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