WITA 5th Annual International Trade Conference

Ships, Semi truck and airplane displaying Import Export labels

On Tuesday February 13, the Washington International Trade Association (WITA) kicked off the 5th Annual Washington International Trade Conference. The two-day hybrid event showcased a packed schedule of sessions and discussions on critical topics in shaping an equitable and sustainable future for global trade. 

Agenda topics included: 

  • Environmental Sustainability  
  • International Trade Policy & Collaboration  
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Agriculture 
  • Food Security  
  • Climate Change 
  • Technology  
  • Reusable Material  
  • Biodiversity 

The conference highlighted the importance of private sector engagement and support of innovation in the global system of trade. Recognizing the growing role of trade in addressing critical issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and environmental sustainability, businesses and governments must lean on collaboration to prioritize social responsibility just as much as economic growth.  

Developing countries benefit significantly from trade, allowing them to accelerate economic development; however, there is a desperate need to address labor and human rights concerns in trade policy as these countries face the most negative impact from unethical practices. 

There is growing recognition among all actors in the supply chain that these issues are not separate from trade, but rather deeply connected. It is important to create a level playing field for workers and businesses alike, further emphasizing the need to ensure that trade agreements promote fair and sustainable development. 

The two-day conference presented thoughtful and proactive approaches to addressing challenges and opportunities in international trade by leveraging technology, cross-industry collaboration, and policy reform. 

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