Port of the Future 2022 | Intermodal Connectivity

This year’s Port of the Future Conference hosted by the University of Houston is set for April 5 – 7th. The transformative event will provide corporate leaders, trade and logistics professionals, government officials, and leading researchers the opportunity to examine an expanding and evolving vision of future Ports of Entry. CT Strategies is proud to contribute to the Intermodal Connectivity agenda, where Andrew Farrelly will join Erik Stromberg, Vesa Koivumaa, and Patrick Seeba will provide expert insight around solutions to port congestion. 

Other agenda items the conference will also explore: 

  • Digitalization and Information Sharing
  • AI and Automated Port of the Future
  • Decarbonization and Alternate Fuels
  • Intermodal Connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Maritime Cybersecurity
  • Modernizing Infrastructure
  • Business Resumption Models

The Port of the Future Virtual Conference is shaped by research and innovation, advances in technology, increased dependence on automation, enhancements in data security and information sharing, and heightened environmental compliance – all impacting the ability to move cargo and people rapidly and securely across international borders. In an age where procedural and technological advancement in trade plays a vital role in the state of our economy and national security, conversations between leaders in the industry and government help to broaden awareness of the issues to be addressed in the near and far future. 

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