Trade Splaining | Commodities, Customs and Coconuts

Al Gina, president and co-founder of CT Strategies and former assistant commissioner for international trade at the US customs and border protection joins hosts Ardian Mollabeciri and Robert Skidmore on Trade Splaining to talk about how customs has changed over the past 30+ years, what are some of the challenges governments now face which people aren’t aware of… and his best memories of Staten Island.  

 On this episode, Ardian and Rob also discuss:  

  • The latest on the UN Climate Report  
  • Why surging demand for commodities and lack of supply has been great for trading firms – China’s domestic tech crackdown 
  • How the rich are getting richer in the business world almost two years after COVID
  • Potential for increased regulation and sustainable value chains – The best in local news from Geneva and elsewhere

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