All About ACE

The Automated Commercial Environment was developed to ensure integrity in trade while streamlining border processes. The program ensures efficiency and provides a centralized point of access for stakeholders to connect with CBP and its Partnering Government Agencies. Below is an outline of how ACE benefits the trade community.  

Electronic Data  

ACE’s digitally stored data enables CBP to identify incoming cargo and determine whether it may be admitted into the country, eliminating prolonged processing times at the border. The data also keeps importers informed about cargo through status messages.  

Less Paper, Less Hassle  

The efficiency of digital storing significantly reduces the amount of paperwork required for cargo release. Specifically, CBP form 3461 is no longer required when using ACE. Electronic manifests provide for easier access to information. With ACE, importers reduce costs of courier and administration because they can submit liquidation, reconciliation, drawback, duty deferral, and statements digitally. Additionally, instead of paying fees for every transaction, importers can pay on a monthly basis.  

All Things Centralized  

ACE gives users the convenience of accessing all partnering government agencies in one place. Importers can store all information in the same location and eliminate the need for PGAs to contact them outside of ACE.  

Training and Reports  

ACE provides importers with direct access to their information. Detailed training videos are available to help users learn how to navigate the system and get the full benefit of its management functions. ACE also keeps importers informed with the most current reports with data updates that are performed every night. The ACE data reports include:  

  • General information including cargo release and entry summary transaction details 
  • Financial monthly statement details 
  • Exports commodity transaction details 
  • In bond transaction details for manifests 

As the volume of international trade continues to grow, ACE plays a vital role in streamlining trade processes and keeping importers ahead of the curve. Learn how to get started on CBP’s website. 

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