CT Strategies Attends “The Art of Trade Diplomacy” with Ambassador Judy Reinke

On February 24, 2020, CT Strategies team members attended the Association of Women in International Trade’s (WIIT) round table discussion with Ambassador Judy Reinke, entitled “The Art of Trade Diplomacy.”

Reinke, the U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro, is the fifth Foreign Service Officer from the Department of Commerce, and the first woman, to be confirmed as Chief of Mission. She has served in a wide range of countries including India, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and Switzerland.

During the event, Reinke advised attendees on negotiation, career advancement, and pursuing business partnerships abroad. Reinke saw her role as a trade diplomat as encompassing three fundamental goals: understanding the aims of each party, bringing all involved stakeholders to the table, and finding a solution that would allow each party to achieve at least its baseline goals.

Reinke cited trust and reputation as the two most important assets in business. She discussed the importance of selecting quality trade partners who positively impact a company’s reputation and recommended businesses look for partners who share their goals, interests and values. After finding a trustworthy partner, she urged American business partners to stay in engaged contact with partners representing them in foreign markets. She also described business resources offered by the embassy. Embassies are eager to help evaluate potential trade partners and provide information about market conditions, as they are invested in the success of American companies.

Following Reinke’s remarks, attendees exchanged questions and career advice.

CT Strategies is a proud supporter of WIIT, which aims to promote the professional development of women in international trade and business and raise awareness of the importance of international trade to economic development.

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