Al Gina speaks at Wilson Center U.S.-Mexico Institute on Port Modernization

Al Gina on Panel at Mexico Institute 2019 Competitive Border Conference

Allen Gina: “It was a pleasure to speak at the Wilson Center U.S.-Mexico Institute today on Port Modernization with other great panelists from Mexico SAT, the Border Trade Alliance, and KCS Railroad, which is taking innovative measures to make cross-border trade enhancements in Laredo. Increasing processing speeds at the border does not have to be about more infrastructure and more people; but about operationalizing the right technology, supported by the right processes.  U.S. CBP and Mexico SAT have quality leaders in the field, ready to work with innovative private partners. Regardless of the rhetoric coming out of the White House, the relationship between U.S. CBP and SAT is strong.”

A video of the event can be found on C-SPAN.

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