CT Strategies Showcases Emerging Technology, Provides Keynote Remarks at WCO IT Conference in Lima

Andrew Farrelly at 2018 WCO IT Conference

The World Customs Organization (WCO) Information Technology Conference was held in Lima, Peru from June 6th-8th. The conference is an opportunity for the 182 WCO members to gather and discuss information technology issues affecting Customs administrations today. The series of conferences, which began in 2002, has been lauded as a success by Customs officials who are increasingly looking to technology providers to solve they security and process issues they face.

This year’s conference also presented an opportunity for Customs officials to share lessons they have learned with their latest pilot projects and initiatives deploying new technology, including: data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This year, the IT conference focused on building a reliable digital landscape to boost cross-border trade.

CT Strategies’ Partner, Andrew Farrelly, was a keynote speaker at the event, discussing how Customs officials can use technology to transform and transcend border management.

CV2 – Innovative Common Viewer Technology

​One emerging technology showcased at the event by CT Strategies was L3’s CV2 software system. CV2 is a common viewer tool that allows for various data sources; such as cargo inspection images and other security sensors, to be integrated into one common interface to be used by customs or other border management and security officials. CV2 can integrate non-intrusive inspection (NII) images and other sensors from equipment made by any manufacturer, in any location, and display them in any networked location across the world. This allows for superior risk management, enhanced workflow efficiency, reduced costs, and more efficient training.

The ability to network all types of: biometric sensors, x-ray scanners, radiation detection, container number and license plate readers, closed-circuit television, and other existing databases- and remotely review them from anywhere has potential to revolutionize border management and security operations. The system also allows for plug-in detection algorithms that can be added and customized to identify specific threats. The system is currently in use by the customs service in the Netherlands, which has experienced enhanced efficiencies. It is also being piloted in the United States by CBP at select port locations.

Keynote Remarks by CT Strategies’ Andrew Farrelly

​Andrew Farrelly, speaking in partnership with L3, provided keynote remarks during a portion of the event.  Farrelly, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official who was responsible for developing risk management strategies for the Agency in coordination with the trade community and air carriers, spoke about “Using Technology to Transform and Transcend Border Management”.  While referencing the need to innovate customs operations using emerging technology tools, he welcomed border management officials to challenge industry and technology developers to push the bounds of current operations through innovation. “[You] Customs Officials, should tell us [industry] that the current way of doing business is no longer acceptable and needs to be updated.”

World Customs Organization events are an excellent opportunity for government and industry representatives from around the world to gather and discuss the latest technology innovations, best practices, and policy updates on Customs issues affecting 182 members around the world. CT Strategies and its partners, such as L3, look forward to continued participation at WCO events in the coming months!  

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