Happy New Year!  The launch of our official website allows us time to reflect and share our common purpose in establishing CT Strategies. We believe that governments and the private sector are embarking on reinvention and redefinition of the way they traditionally do business and the team at CT Strategies is very excited to be a part of this effort.

Our insight applies to the very complex world of border management.  With a global economic downturn, shrinking federal budgets, and a demand for increased production, the movement of goods and people across borders has never been more important.  The added challenge is to achieve swift movement at a lower cost and with higher capabilities.

​In the coming year, CT Strategies will post insights on a range of topics that all underscore the need for government and industry to change their approach to cross-border movements.  They will need to focus on collaboration, co-creation, and bi-directional education.  Additionally, in looking to an increasingly globalized framework for international trade, a country’s exports become as important as their imports.

More Posts

CTPAT Webinar | Future-Proofing Your Compliance Ecosystem

For global logistics and trade compliance professionals, 2022 has been the year of significant changes, and CBP is keeping us on our toes as secure trade becomes an even greater focus across companies and customs organizations worldwide. As a business, your goal is to keep goods moving seamlessly, which is why it’s more important now than ever to understand how changes to the program will affect operations across your enterprise.

The 5th Annual RLVAF Golf Tournament

On September 29th, CT Strategies hosted the 5th Annual Roger L. Von Amelunxen Foundation Golf Tournament at Reston National Golf Course. This year’s tournament was a record-breaking event, gathering over 180 participants and raising over $75,000 for the Foundation.

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