Trade Facilitation and Compliance

Smart Growth.

Trade is evolving. Increased competition and heightened security concerns around the world demand increased efficiency from both public and private sector entities. Achieving these twin goals requires innovative, data-driven strategies to produce more resilient and efficient trade facilitation.

The CT Strategies team has led transformative trade and supply chain security initiatives currently used across the United States and adapted globally as best practices. Our team has crafted scalable solutions that deliver results for government authorities and private international trade entities worldwide. ​

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Customs Modernization

As trade expands, Customs authorities are being asked to do more with less. This requires a comprehensive streamlining of processes, procedures, and document management. These initiatives are supported by an enhanced legal and regulatory framework, the optimal application of technology solutions, and superior human resource management.

Revenue Collection & Anti-Corruption

Customs duties and fees generate a large portion of many nations’ revenue. Ensuring appropriate collection requires ensuring appropriate compliance by the trade industry and customs personnel. Utilizing proven trade and travel flow metrics, implementing regulatory audit processes, and centralizing certain decision-making procedures combats corruption and increases the bottom line for both government and the private sector. ​

Public-Private Partnerships

Protecting countries, companies, and people does not mean sacrificing economic gain. By engaging the private sector through Trusted Trader Programs, co-creation strategies, and bi-directional education, governments gain transparency into the supply chain to enable streamlined processes and more precisely allocate security resources.

Customs Compliance

In addition to maintaining supply chain security, ensuring trade compliance through best practices in audit and authorized economic operator (AEO) programs is critical to creating a fair and equitable trade environment. Strengthening compliance requirements in Customs programs necessitates working within complex statutory and legal frameworks that demand innovative facilitation and compliance solutions. ​

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CT Strategies provides strategic services to clients seeking current and innovative insight into border management and supply chain challenges in the U.S. and around the world.
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