Why strong international partnerships create the most secure US borders

By: Andrew Farrelly As published in Government Gazette Vol 1. President Trump has promised to make the nation safer by protecting our borders.  This endeavor is more complex than attempting to seal off entry with a wall or blanketly banning entire countries from boarding planes to the U.S. In reality, high-risk individuals attempting to travel to and harm the U.S. can depart from anywhere and be of any nationality. The … Read more

Administration Should Balance Focus Both At the Ports and Between them, as CBP’s Staffing Challenges Continue in Multiple Areas

As President Trump entered office in 2017 promising to bolster U.S./Mexico border security, his focus was largely on building a border wall and increasing the number of Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents in order to ramp up enforcement against illegal immigration between the ports of entry and in the interior of … Read more

Andrew Farrelly published in International Airport Review

In discussing how the Trump Administration should address security and passenger facilitation in today’s air travel environment, Andrew Farrelly comments on the importance of smart investments in technology, proper data analysis, and well-coordinated foreign partnerships. These partnerships can be challenging to manage at times due to the differences in federal structures, legal authorities, and perspectives … Read more