Unlocking the Power of COAC

Discover why COAC matters for CTPAT members. COAC advises on customs operations, streamlining processes and shaping policies crucial for supply chain security. Stay informed to navigate regulatory changes and optimize operations.

Developing a Strong CTPAT Training Program 

Enhance your company’s supply chain security with the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) program. Explore the key pillars of CTPAT’s Education & Training, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of supply chain security risks. Develop specialized training based on employees’ roles, document training records, establish measurable objectives, and incorporate continuous education. Elevate your workforce’s awareness and adherence to security protocols. Explore our Training resources at CT Strategies for live workshops, webinars, and online courses through CTS Academy.

CTPAT | Updating Your Security Profile

Two people updating their company's security profile

The Annual Security Profile Update is not just a formality; it’s a critical measure to guarantee that your company’s security policies and procedures are reflected in your current operations. Compliance with the Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) is paramount, and regular updates ensure that your security measures evolve with the ever-changing landscape of supply chain threats.

CTPAT and Social Compliance

Two people updating their company's security profile.

As of August 2023, these requirements have become mandatory, and it is now imperative to submit the necessary proof documents through the CTPAT portal.

CBP’s Green Trade Strategy: Pioneering a Sustainable Global Trade Environment through Innovation and Enforcement

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is taking a proactive stance towards promoting a global green trade environment through innovative practices and robust enforcement efforts. Acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller emphasized the agency’s commitment to collaborating with industry, stakeholders, and the public to set higher standards for global trade. CBP’s initiatives are aimed at addressing climate mitigation, supply chain resilience, and environmentally beneficial innovation in the context of international trade.

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