Operational Consulting Services

Delivery of scalable, cost-effective solutions that help border management authorities leverage technology and human resources to simultaneously achieve security and economic prosperity.

Technology Deployment Strategy

Identifying, implementing, and managing technologies that maximize security and efficiency while optimizing return on investment.


Assisting government agencies and private companies develop efficient and secure border management solutions by providing critical insight into their operating environment and global best practices.​

Implementation & Advisory Services

Developing sustainable and scalable solutions that adapt globally recognized best practices to fit any budget or operating environment​.

Capacity Building & Program Development

Optimizing resources through investment in programs, processes, and right-sized technology to increase organizational capacity​.

Technology Deployment Strategy

Border management agencies are continually asked to respond to evolving trade and travel dynamics. The right technology deployed in the right environment is essential for efficient, 21st century border management. Responsible investment in the most effective and applicable technologies requires comprehensive understanding of: the operating environment of the procuring agency, best practices employed around the world, and current and emerging border management technologies.

CT Strategies assists border management agencies in identifying, implementing, and managing technologies that maximize security and efficiency while optimizing return on investment.

Effective border management and efficient trade facilitation do not have ‘one size fits all’ solution. We pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions tailored to the local operational and budgetary environment that can be cost-effectively scaled as conditions evolve. Our technology deployment consulting engagements include:

  • Operational Assessments
  • Concept of Operations Development
  • Technical Requirements Development
  • Acquisition & Contract Support
  • Deployment & Implementation Strategy
  • Workforce Assessments & Training Programs


Security and regulatory measures that govern international trade and travel make the border a complex operating environment. The smallest inefficiencies in operations, infrastructure, or mandated laws or regulations add up to cost the government and private sector considerable time and resources.

Leveraging our proprietary assessment methodology and global best practices, CT Strategies assists government agencies and private companies to develop efficient and secure solutions by providing critical insight into their operating environments.

Our assessments include:

  • Evaluations of operations in all modes of trade and travel
  • Analyses of related policies, procedures and regulatory documents
  • Cross-disciplinary teams of subject matter experts in areas including:
    • Border technology deployment
    • Trade and travel data analytics
    • Trade policies and regulations
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Supply Chain Security
  • Gap Analyses
  • Comprehensive sets of recommendations
  • Implementation and Training Plans

Implementation & Advisory Services

Undertaking transformative initiatives is a resource-consuming challenge with risks for cost-overruns and unforeseen delays. Whether implementing new policies, procedures, or programs or building on existing initiatives, achieving the desired end state in a cost-effective manner requires extensive experience and expertise.

CT Strategies’ serves clients by developing sustainable and scalable solutions that adapt globally recognized best practices to fit any budget or operating environment. Our implementation and advisory experience includes work in all modes of transportation in diverse environments, both in developed and developing parts of the world.

Our implementation and advisory services include:

  • Customs Modernization
  • Technology acquisition & deployment
  • Program Design & Development
  • Consulting on tactical operations
  • Risk management capability development
  • Training programs for Officers, Analysts, & Managers
  • Long-term Embedded Assistance

Capacity Building & Program Development

Trade and travel are evolving. Increased competition in a global economy demands increased efficiency for both public and private sector entities across the world. Facilitating trade and travel in a heightened security environment requires innovative capacity building strategies to support economic growth.

While often viewed as standalone solutions, infrastructure and technology investments alone do not minimize cargo and passenger wait times at the border. Authorities need to optimize their resources by investing in programs, processes, and right-sized technology that will increase their capacity to efficiently enable cross border trade and travel.

CT Strategies develops, implements, and maintains programs, processes, and technology acquisitions including:

  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Customs Officer and Intelligence Analyst Training
  • Trade and Travel Processing and Security Software
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Assessments
  • Integrated Imaging Systems
  • Scalable Technology Deployments

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