Andrew Farrelly

Recognized expert in all targeting and facilitation operations involving Customs and Border Management authorities. 

Andrew Farrelly - Partner and Co-Founder

Andrew Farrelly is the co-founder of CT Strategies, which provides strategic services to clients seeking current and innovative insight into border management and supply chain challenges in the U.S. and around the world.



Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner

In this role, Farrelly coordinated interagency efforts related to immigration reform, global supply chain security, and intelligence matters. He also served as the point of contact for all emergency situations to include potential terrorist attack threats and natural disaster responses

Director, Targeting Programs, National Targeting Center

Oversaw the development of innovative initiatives and operational solutions that enhanced CBP’s Targeting capabilities through detecting and identifying potential threats in situations involving the necessity to facilitate the transportation of people and cargo efficiently. Facilitated negotiations with various foreign entities and private corporations to establish partnership programs for securing international transportation and commerce. 

Chief of Staff, Office of Field Operations

Coordinated the execution of activities that integrate U.S. Customs, Immigration, and Agriculture inspection functions, across 329 sea, air, and land ports across the United States. Contributed to planning strategies concerning the deployment of technology, personnel, and equipment across all ports of entry. Coordinated the implementation of policies related to the admissibility of cargo and passengers attempting to enter U.S. borders.


Política Ya on Univision

Andrew discusses border management during the Southwest border migration challenge on Política Ya with Tsi-Tsi-Ki Félix on Univision.
Andrew discute el manejo de la situacion en la frontera suroeste en el programa Política Ya con Tsi-Tsi-Ki Félix en Univision.

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