Int’l Chamber of Commerce, World Customs Org. Issue Call for Int’l Coordination in COVID

Customs plays a key role in mitigating the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring the efficient and expeditious flow off essential goods such as medical equipment and food supplies across the border. On April 27, the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Customs Organization issued a joint statement calling for “a coordinated … Read more

Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations (COAC) quarterly meeting Recap

On April 15, the Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations (COAC) held its quarterly meeting. Each subcommittee had the opportunity to present its recommendations to CBP. The Intelligent Enforcement Subcommittee began by sharing updates and recommendations on Intellectual Property Rights, counterfeit goods, and e-commerce. Additionally, the Forced Labor Working Group discussed proof of admissibility for forced … Read more

COVID-19 y el desplome del comercio internacional

El 2020 será el peor año para el intercambio comercial internacional, en los 25 que tiene de existir la Organización Mundial del Comercio. En su informe anual, la institución multilateral señaló que la crisis ocasionada por el covid-19 podría ser un punto de quiebre para la producción globalizada. De acuerdo con la OMC, casi todas … Read more

CBP Works to Facilitate Trade During COVID-19 Outbreak

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the secure, efficient trade of legitimate medical equipment and other essential goods becomes even more vital. CBP is working to facilitate trade and ensure that essential items continue to make their way across the border. A well-established customs broker in Laredo, Texas, said that “CBP has been pro-trade and understands … Read more

Barreras y prácticas comerciales desleales en tiempos del coronavirus

En días recientes, la imposición de barreras al intercambio de suministros médicos, por parte de más de cincuenta países, se ha convertido en una nueva amenaza para el comercio multilateral. Además, algunas naciones han denunciado prácticas desleales de oficiales y particulares para apropiarse de dispositivos de protección hospitalaria escasos a nivel global. De acuerdo con … Read more

Trade Goes On: Preserving Supply Chains During COVID-19

On Wednesday, President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to restrict non-essential travel, closing off the world’s longest border. This effort will bring tourism to a halt but will limit economic damage by allowing essential workers and trade to flow across the border.  By continuing to facilitate trade, leaders ensure that essential goods such as medicine … Read more

Association of Women in International Trade Holds Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

On March 5, 2020, CT Strategies attended the Association of Women in International Trade’s (WIIT) annual International Women’s Day Reception at the Embassy of New Zealand. The reception opened with remarks from Ambassador Rosemary Banks, New Zealand’s first female ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Banks outlined New Zealand’s efforts to promote women’s economic development … Read more