Gillian Castle

Gillian Castle currently serves as a Customs Advisor to the Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners (PEN-CP) at the Cross Border Research Association (CBRA).

Previous Positions

Customs AdvisorCross Border Research Association (CBRA)

Senior Policy AdvisorHM Revenue and Customs

Operational Policy AdvisorUK Anti-Drugs Alliance

In her current role, Ms. Castle is responsible for the development and oversight of a database designed for Customs Officials to discover, research, and share experiences and expertise in the cultivation and deployment of technical equipment and innovations that improve risk assessments in the customs environment.  

Before her current role with the CBRA, Gillian spent over 17 years at Her Majesty’s (HR) Revenue and Customs. In her most recent role, Ms. Castle served as a Senior Policy Advisor responsible for subject matter expertise on BREXIT policy, regarding risk targeting and supply chain security. Ms. Castle also served as the UK/EU lead delegate on numerous WCO risk assessment and supply chain committees and working groups, including serving as the Chair of the Technical Expert Group for Air Cargo Security (TEGACS).

Prior to her role at HR Customs and Revenue, Ms. Castle served as an Operational Policy Advisor for the UK Anti-Drugs Alliance, where she was in charge of policy, regarding detector canines and deploying upgraded technical equipment to the field.

Ms. Castle is committed to the facilitation of legitimate trade and travel and the promotion of national and commercial economic benefits through the execution of effective risk assessments and valid customs security controls.

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