Capacity Building

Continuous Innovation

Border management agencies in both industrialized and developing regions are changing the way they do business to respond to increases in trade and travel, and align with internationally recognized best practices. These changes frequently take the form of innovative programs, engagement with the private sector, or the acquisition of new technologies to improve efficiency.

CT Strategies applies proven methodologies and decades of experience to assist countries seeking to implement innovative, transformative initiatives to maximize the impact of their investments and ensure success.

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Risk Management

Creating dynamic programs that improve the efficiency of customs processes and procedures drives customs modernization. Creative solutions, such as industry partnerships, improved international cooperation, and optimal applications of technology, all contribute to expanded organizational capacity when executed in a strategic fashion. ​

Stakeholder Partnerships

In a competitive and often crowded marketplace, finding and acquiring the right services and technology in an intelligent fashion presents a multitude of technical and regulatory challenges. Knowledge of leading vendors, international best practices and lessons-learned, and experience in developing robust documents for major acquisitions are necessities for successful programs. ​

Technology Deployment

Data Sharing, Biometric, and Inspection Technologies – All require strategic deployment of “right-sized” tools utilizing accurate metrics to justify resource allocation. While serving as a potent force multiplier for the improvement of border management processes, technology acquisitions require a customized and scalable approach with supplementary initiatives including training, stakeholder engagement, and maintenance programs to maximize return on investment. ​

Intelligent Capital Investment

A knowledgeable, professional workforce is an asset that delivers returns through efficiency, integrity, and increased leadership potential. Providing the organizational structure, training, and tools to enable customs officers, managers, and analysts to be successful and advance in their careers can quietly revolutionize agencies by developing already existing resources.

Leverage our Expertise

CT Strategies provides strategic services to clients seeking current and innovative insight into border management and supply chain challenges in the U.S. and around the world.
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