What we Know

Collective decades of operational, policy, and technical expertise across a myriad of international trade and travel issues. Our team members have served in multiple headquarters, field-level, and international-liaison capacities at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, other components of the Department of Homeland Security, and the White House National Security Staff.

Border Management

CT Strategies leadership and subject matter experts played key roles in the largest merger of border authorities in recent history: Managing the integration of U.S. customs, border protection, agricultural inspection, and immigration agencies to create “one government” at the U.S. border. Our team provides technical and strategic insight to governments and private clients around the world by leveraging this experience in implementing groundbreaking initiatives such as creating the National Targeting Center, U.S. single window, and trusted trader programs.

Risk Management & Targeting​

Risk management involves the strategic application of resources in a way that directly addresses the most significant threats faced by stakeholders. As the business world is revolutionized by the improved collection and utilization of data, customs and trade organizations must similarly transform in order to successfully manage risk. The application of advanced data analysis is one of the most important tools organizations can use to facilitate secure, efficient trade and travel.

Stakeholder Partnerships​

Expanded cooperation between countries, individual agencies, and the private sector represents the future of secure, efficient trade and travel. In an increasingly competitive global economy where security concerns must be addressed, public and private entities must collaborate to share information, invest in infrastructure, and modernize processes to build secure supply chains and support economic prosperity.

Trade Facilitation & Compliance

Trade is evolving. Increased competition and heightened security concerns around the world demand increased efficiency from both public and private sector entities. Achieving these twin goals requires innovative, data-driven strategies to produce more resilient and efficient trade facilitation.

The CT Strategies team has led transformative trade and supply chain security initiatives currently used across the United States and adapted globally as best practices. Our team has crafted scalable solutions that deliver results for government authorities and private international trade entities worldwide.

Supply Chain Solutions​

The global supply network is dynamic and complex. Across all modes of transportation, public and private stakeholders around the world must navigate this landscape, balancing the need for security with the economic benefits of efficient trade facilitation.

Capacity Building

Border management agencies in both industrialized and developing regions are changing the way they do business to respond to increases in trade and travel, and align with internationally recognized best practices. These changes frequently take the form of innovative programs, engagement with the private sector, or the acquisition of new technologies to improve efficiency.

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