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CT Strategies recognizes the importance of continuous professional development at the individual and business level. As the trade environment and security regulations continuously evolve, businesses must adapt accordingly to remain in compliance and ensure vigilance in supply chain security. Through our e-Learning Academy, we seek to provide you with a full range of Customs-related courses created and led by former government officials. Below you will find our current offerings

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Current Courses

Implementing CTPAT and the New MSC - NCBFAA accredited

CTPAT is a voluntary program that allows CBP to work in partnership with international trade stakeholders such as importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers, and manufacturers towards a common goal of supply chain security. Companies that are CTPAT certified must be compliant with the recently released New Minimum Security Criteria. This course outlines changes to the criteria and best practices to prepare for CTPAT validations.

About the Course

Augment your supply chain security expertise and understanding of the CTPAT program with a course led by Ron May, career U.S. CBP official and former director of the CTPAT program. This self-paced, interactive course is based on insights from Mr. May’s experience as one of the first Supply Chain Security Specialists and the national leader of the CTPAT program.

How can a CTPAT membership benefit your operations?

 Visit CBP or contact our team of CTPAT experts to learn more about the partnership 

The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For:

  • Current CTPAT members hoping to meet the New MSC, maximize their program benefits, or enhance company-wide understanding of the CTPAT program. 
  • Companies that aspire to become CTPAT members and seek practical advice on best practices for security profiles, validations, and other elements of program participation. 
  • Non-CTPAT members who seek to enhance efficiency and security within their supply chains or aim to adhere to CTPAT standards as required by business partners. 

Course Content: 

  • Overview and history of the CTPAT program
  • Interactive examples of demonstrated supply chain smuggling scenarios and conveyance vulnerabilities. 
  • Updates to the Minimum Security Criteria
  • Best practices in completing the Security Profile and preparing for validations
  • In-depth look at the new Corporate Security Criteria


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