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CT Strategies recognizes the importance of continuous professional development at the individual and business level. As the trade environment and security regulations continuously evolve, businesses must adapt accordingly to remain in compliance and ensure vigilance in supply chain security.  

CTS E-Learning Academy provides a range of CTPAT compliance courses developed in house by our team of former CTPAT supply chain security specialists. Our courses are designed to simplify your CTPAT experience by focusing on the crucial elements of maintaining your CTPAT membership. Each course is curated to be straightforward and easily digestible. We understand that keeping up with the evolving program can be a challenge. CTS Academy CTPAT courses provide clarity around best practices to help you stay in compliance and optimize your membership benefits.  

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Current Courses

You will receive a certificate of completion upon completing a course.

CTPAT 101: Preparing to Apply

Are you considering or preparring to apply to the CTPAT program? This 20-min CTPAT 101 course will help your company start strong in the CTPAT journey by equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of requirements and how your company can successfully apply to the CTPAT program for the first time.

Engaging with CTPAT Business Partners

Although certain companies may not be eligible for the CTPAT program, partnering with member companies prepares them for handling supply chain disruptions and optimizes operational integrity. This course informs companies who engage with CTPAT members on best practices for maintaining compliance and leveraging the advantages of their business relationship.

Implementing CTPAT and the New MSC -
NCBFAA Accredited

CTPAT is a voluntary program that allows CBP to work in partnership with international trade stakeholders such as importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers, and manufacturers towards a common goal of supply chain security. Companies that are CTPAT certified must be compliant with the recently released New Minimum Security Criteria. This course outlines changes to the criteria and best practices to prepare for CTPAT validations. This is currently the only course offered in both English and Spanish.

Annual CTPAT Security Awareness

To comply with new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CTPAT ‘Training & Awareness’ requirements, meet new CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) and improve your company’s overall supply chain security. This 20-minute training course provides all employees with an overview of the CTPAT Program and teaches them the basic steps they can take, no matter what role they’re in, to mitigate risk, protect your company’s security, and ultimately save time and money by preventing supply chain breaches.

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CTPAT Security Profile Course

Whether your company is updating your CTPAT Security Profile or you are a new member completing it for the first time, our experts, former CTPAT Program Directors, Ron May and Shawn Beddows, will guide your company through the process in this self-paced interactive course, using lessons learned from real-life events to illustrate both best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid.

Highway Carrier Security Profile Course

A self-paced interactive course geared towards highway carriers, using lessons learned from real-life events to illustrate both best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid.

CTPAT Virtual Validation Course

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated plans to develop a virtual validation process for some members. Lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing protocols essentially grounded CTPAT from conducting physical site visits. In response to this challenge, CTPAT fast tracked the implementation of their virtual validation process and conducted 2,000 virtual validations by December 31, 2021. This 45 minute training course prepares companies to be successful in their virtual validations by highlighting best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid.


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