Webinar | CTPAT MSC & Virtual Validations – Continuing the Conversation

Over the past couple years, the CTPAT program has undergone several changes to adapt to the increasing uncertainty in the global supply chain. The New Minimum-Security Criteria (MSC) and the onset of virtual validations are two major areas of change, and common points of confusion for member companies.  

On December 14th, CT Strategies’ CTPAT Experts will dive into the effects of these changes, provide firsthand guidance, and answer common concerns of businesses. Moderated by Karren Kenny of K2 Trade Solutions, our team will also chat with Dan Wolf, to get insight on his virtual validation experience as VP of Logistics at DXL.  Learn the specific steps you should be taking to stay in compliance and maintain your CTPAT certification. In this webinar, we are focusing on the steps that really matter when it comes to maintaining CTPAT compliance in 2021 and beyond. 

Additionally, we will address the top 5 Questions we received from our Virtual Validation Webinar participants. 

  1. What are the new MSC requirements that were added? 
  2. Have any changes been made to last year’s Minimum-Security Questionnaire? 
  3. Do the answers we provide in the evidence section of the security profile have to be in English?
  4. Will first time CTPAT validations be done physically or virtually? 
  5. How does the on-site facility tour work in a virtual validation?

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Now – November 30th  


Karen Kenney,
Senior Supply Chain Advisor, CT Strategies

Karen Kenney is the founder and President of K2 Trade Solutions, LLC, a global trade management advisory firm that assists companies in optimizing their supply chains to save time and money and reduce risk. Prior to K2 Trade Solutions, Ms. Kenney served as the President of Janel Group, a public, 70-million-dollar global logistics service provider with 15 offices across the U.S. There she led finance, sales, marketing, operations, technology, acquisitions and the planning and execution of the company’s long term growth strategy around the globe. In previous roles, she served as Vice President of Global Partnerships for Janel Group and, earlier, as President of Liberty International. She’s held positions in every aspect of supply chain logistics during her career, including agency development, business development, Customs brokerage operations, forwarding operations and supply chain technology solutions


Ron May
Supply Chain Specialist & Former CTPAT Director, CT Strategies

Andrew Farrelly is the CEO of CT Strategies, which provides strategic services to clients seeking current and innovative insight into border management and supply chain challenges in the U.S. and around the world. While in government, Andrew devoted himself to the strengthening of United States security interests through an accomplished career with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). During his time with CBP, he significantly developed the operational standards and efficiency as a former Director of Targeting Programs for CBP’s National Targeting Center, as well as in his most recent role as the Chief of Staff for the Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Shawn Beddows
VP of Global Service, CT Strategies

Mr. Shawn Beddows is a World Customs Organization (WCO) accredited Customs Technical and Operational Advisor in the field of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). He served for 22 years in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in a variety of roles, including air cargo and passenger operations, maritime operations, supply chain security, and aviation security initiatives. Mr. Beddows spent six years in the CTPAT program as a Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS), manager and (A) Program Director. During his time with CTPAT, he participated in hundreds of validation site visits around the world. Mr. Beddows also served as the Vice-Chairperson of the SAFE Working Group at the WCO and oversaw the final negotiations and signing of the Mutual Recognition Decision between the United States and the European Union.

Dan Wolf
VP of Logistics, DXL

Dan Wolf is VP of Logistics at DXL Group the largest Omni-channel men’s big and tall retailer. He is responsible for import operations snd Customs compliance as well as inbound and outbound shipments to their DC. Stores snd Direct customers. He has previously held Logistics positions at Redcats US, Sappi Fine Paper and Stride Rite shoes. Dan Is a licensed Customshouse Broker snd a founding member of The  Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT),

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated plans the CTPAT program had been working on to develop a virtual validation process for some members.  Lock downs, travel restrictions and social distancing protocols essentially grounded CTPAT from conduction physical site visits.  In response to this challenge, CTPAT fast tracked the implementation of their virtual validation process and will have conducted nearly 2,000 virtual validations by December 31, 2021.  This XX minute training course prepares companies to be successful in their virtual validations by highlighting best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid.  Our CTPAT experts have been conducting virtual validations for global Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs and assisting CTPAT companies with their virtual validations.

The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For 

  • CTPAT Member companies seeking to prepare themselves for a successful virtual validation. 
  • Companies’ CTPAT team across all relevant divisions of a supply chain security; including transportation, IT, compliance, import/export, security, HR, finance, sales, administration, and executives. 
  • Companies seeking understand the unique differences in the virtual validation process. 

Course Content 

  • How to prepare your CTPAT team for a virtual validation vs. the traditional in-person validation.
  • Best practices and guidance for virtual validations. 
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in the virtual validation process.


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