U.S. Customs and Border Protection, TSA, DHS, and FBI Discuss ‘Identity and Biometrics Innovations’ in Public Forum

On June 29th in downtown D.C., the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) hosted a forum of multiple U.S. Government security and intelligence agency representatives to discuss how biometric technology will continue to shape the future of international travel security and counter-terrorism. U.S. Congress recently allocated a $1 Billion fund to the Department of Homeland Security to develop a biometric enforcement program for the exit environment. The rest of the world has also seen a rapid expansion in recent years in the use of biometrics to enforce immigration laws and track traveler identity.

In addition to rolling out the right technology for different ports in the air and land environments, strategic information sharing agreements between domestic and international partners must be put in place in order for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to leverage the full benefits of a new system.

Discussion topics among subject matter experts at the event included:

§ Screening Innovations: Increasing Accuracy, Speed and Throughput International Travelers”

§ An Update from CBP on the Air Exit Biometric Pilot Program and the Future of Traveler Management”

§ The Future of Data-Sharing, Interoperability and Innovation”

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