Azerbaijan Strives to Build Customs Efficiencies as it Seeks to Diversify its Non-Oil Economy

With less predictable oil revenues available to support their economy, Azerbaijan, like some other traditionally oil-based economies, is seeking to expand and diversify other sectors. As part of economic reforms to attract new foreign investments and boost non-oil trade, Azerbaijan is realizing the need to modernize its Customs processes. This is especially critical as the country aims to increase its profile as a transit hub between Central Asia, Russia, and the Middle East.

The Customs modernizations include simplified processes for importing and exporting high-tech products; a reduction of paper-based processes; rail freight scanning technology to that clears trains without stopping; and just as importantly, measures to increase transparency and reduce corruption, saving the country and its economy time and money.

Azerbaijan should be commended for its efforts to modernize customs procedures. The implementation of new customs technologies and processes will facilitate their growth of trade and make them less reliant on the oil market.

​Article from Azer News:

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