Canada Recognizes Need to Minimize False Positives and other Risks while Preparing to Roll Out Facial Recognition Tools at Border

Facial Recognition and other biometric capture tools are becoming increasingly popular around the world for use by immigration and border management authorities. While serving as a valuable tool in international traveler security, if implemented too hastily, a biometric capture system will run the risk of creating inefficiencies for these authorities. These inefficiencies may include flawed image capture or traveler database inaccuracies.

Wisely, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is working with technology companies and other partners to refine their systems as much as possible in order to capture high quality images and reduce false positive matches. While some number of false positives is inevitable, attending to their adjudication occupies an Agency’s resources and often increases wait times at the border.  Users of biometric capture around the world would be best served to work with the right public and private sector partners, such as technology companies and other government agencies that collect individuals’ data in order to minimize inefficiencies.

​More can be read in the CBC News article.

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