$500 Billion Annual U.S. Trade with Mexico, not just immigration, should be included as a metric for border security

Illegal entries by individuals, visa overstays, and other metrics related to the movement of people across the U.S./Mexico border are often cited as the principle figures in determining “border security”. While these numbers as well as violence in Mexico’s border towns should be given due attention, the undeniable growth in U.S./Mexico trade should be viewed as a success in the overall context of what constitutes a “secure border”.

The now $500B in annual trade is a significant supporter of both countries’ economies and its growth has been enabled by trade facilitation and security enhancements on both sides of the border in recent years. Public-private partnerships and binational Customs service coordination have helped secure supply chains and modernize processes. As trade continues to grow it should create more jobs and reduce crime in Mexico.

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