U.S. and Foreign Government Prime Contractors

U.S. and Foreign Government Prime Contractors

As a teaming partner and subcontractor for U.S. Federal and foreign government procurements, CT Strategies delivers unique insight and subject matter expertise, which provide an advantage to our clients in securing major contracts. Our many decades of experience transforming trade and border management processes in the United States and adapting scalable solutions for stakeholders across the world provide prime bidders with the operational subject matter expertise they need to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In teaming and subcontracting roles, CT Strategies has:

  • Assisted in enhancing a worldwide joint airport security initiative.
  • Provided expertise and valuable lessons learned to a large European partner firm in the creation of an innovative trade capacity building program.
  • Provided in-depth knowledge of U.S. passenger processing systems and mass data analytics as part of a U.S. initiative to improve international traveler security.
  • Informed an extensive U.S. Government evaluation of innovative biometric and biographic data capabilities.