Trade Capacity-Building Organizations

Trade Capacity-Building Organizations

Trade barriers are being removed in all parts of the world. Simultaneously, there is a growing recognition of the critical role trade can play in improving the economies of developing nations. Given these trends, trade capacity-building initiatives are becoming increasingly necessary to facilitate trade flows in all parts of the world.

Major development institutions, trade associations, and other trade-enabling entities seeking to invest in capacity-building projects have sought to leverage the CT-Strategies team’s extensive experience transforming trade and supply chain security processes across the United States and around various parts of the world.

In this role, the CT Strategies team has:

  • Conducted site assessments in various locations in Latin America to craft appropriately scaled technology implementation plans, workload staffing models, and other resource optimization strategies.
  • Advised a major Latin American trade association on best practices in regional border management coordination.
  • Leveraged its relationships with border management executives in various parts of the world to elevate awareness and facilitate the expansion of critical trade programs.