International Transportation Companies

International Transportation Companies

Streamlining processes, building strategic relationships with border authorities, and optimizing resources are critical to the bottom line of a transportation company. The CT Strategies team has extensive experience developing innovative strategies to more efficiently facilitate trade in heightened security environments, as well as an extensive network of relationships both in the U.S. and various locations throughout the world; to include Central and South America, the Middle East, Australia, East Asia, and Europe.

This knowledge and network has provided our private sector partners and clients with added layers of security and efficiency while realizing significant cost-savings. In service to international transportation companies, the CT Strategies team has:

  • Conducted assessments at critical border crossings to produce cost-saving, efficiency-building, and security-enhancing recommendations.
  • Leveraged relationships with appropriate stakeholders to benefit our clients’ operating environments.
  • Assisted companies in developing innovative risk management practices using advance data and trade intelligence.