Foreign Governments

Foreign Governments

The CT Strategies team has decades of experience advancing trade and travel modernization initiatives all over the world; including Latin America, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and across Europe. Now operating as a private firm, our team is able to provide border management authorities in different parts of the world with a highly customized, dedicated level of service with valuable insight and lessons learned as they seek to modernize their policies and practices.

In service of foreign governments, the CT-Strategies team has:

  • Assisted in the creation of a large scale trusted trader program, involving complex public-private and government-government partnerships.
  • Conducted border security technology assessments and provided subsequent implementation guidance.
  • Advised on the implementation of innovative risk-based targeting programs for both passenger and cargo processing.
  • Provided recommendations and an implementation plan to establish an advance cargo screening program that resulted in millions of dollars in cost-savings to the host government.