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Difficult Questions Raised about Sharing Passenger Data in Wake of Paris Attacks
January 12th, 2015

The debate over privacy vs. security has always been difficult. After the recent attacks in Paris, concerns on immigration and the cross border movement of travelers into and within the EU are again raising challenging questions. Passenger movement within the EU is essentially akin to domestic travel. However as sovereign nations seek to keep bad actors from crossing their borders, some officials are calling for increased Passenger Name Record (PNR) data-sharing between international authorities.

The EU has generally leaned more on the side of privacy than the U.S., which collects and shares a greater amount of PNR data. But with appropriate controls on which enforcement and intelligence authorities are allowed to receive and act on PNR data, along with a level of transparency with the public, legislators, and oversight entities, a more favorable balance of privacy and security can be achieved.



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